New Year Countdown – 1


On the other blogs it’s all listicles and Best Ofs. I’m not so organised, so let’s run 2014 down with a track from each month of this year.

January saw me angsting about the future of the blog. This was justified as, in the year of 5 jobs, the blog took very much a second place to IRL for much of the time.

January’s offering is Trainsurfing In Time And Space by Graingerboy vs Time and Space Machine. Based on a Stina Nordenstam track, I said “That got arranged by Graingerboy for his Silent Universe EP last year. Graingerboy, from Leeds, is one-time Electric Boutique member (Ministry of Sound) and keys player for A Man Called Adam. This version takes the track into a more conventionally downtempo electronic and chilled direction. It’s ok but nothing special. However, it also got remixed by Richard Norris’s Time and Space Machine to produce a magisterial track. Takes the essence of the bass line but plunges it deeper and tweaks lead keyboard refrain from the original and then blasts the whole thing into epicness and grandeur. A quite brilliant balearic dub tune with everything that’s cosmic about the glittering stars.”

February’s offering is from Matthew R Ashcroft, another one of those child prodigies. He produced fully formed 90s acid techno nastiness on Choral Neats. I said “Few people can manage an 11 minute track without your interest flagging. But this manages it. Starts all cool and minimal before gradually unwinding the acid influences and clattering beats. If you were ever ‘lost’ in the 90s, this is for you. ”

~ by acidted on December 26, 2014.

One Response to “New Year Countdown – 1”

  1. I missed the January offering. Nice track.

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