The Rustle Of The Stars – Sleeping Land – Max Cooper Rmx – Quotient 3/6


The New Year is a week old, so it must be time for some Max Cooper. He’s back with another of the free downloads in his Quotient series, released at the end of 2014.

This time it’s a remix for Rustle of the Stars (nope, me neither). The original track is apparently inspired by “a musical passage through the North Pole explorer diaries“. This ten minute remix is, I guess, best classed as ambient. It starts unobtrusively and for the first minute is almost not there before swelling, almost moaning, strings arrive. Drums don’t arrive until four minutes in, when they provide a discordant clatter against the smoothness of the strings. Eventually, electronics take over and provide an epic, thrilling final third. Another winner.



Your December free download is a remix, and an important piece of music to me personally. Partly because it was the result of a chance string of events driven by my love of the original track and a fortuitous meeting with Frederic D. Oberland, one half of The Rustle of the Stars with Richard Knox. And partly because I love the intensity and feeling of the original which I have tried to convey in my own way with little regard for the usual rules of making music – ambient strings arrangement at one end, and a drum and bass wall of sound at the other, because that’s what I felt was required to communicate the emotions I found in the original piece, inspired by “a musical passage through the North Pole explorer diaries”.

Here’s what Richard and Frederic said about the original:  “We would like to think of this as a polar journey to the ends of the earth through the arctic sea. We kept in mind the first polar expeditions, Edgar Allan Poe’s Dream-Land, the ships trapped or crushed by ice, the point of no-return, the minds sinking, the attempt on the Pole ending in disaster, the quest of the Northwest Passage, Erebus & Terror, the Mercy Bay, Mangazeya, Charles Francis Hall, Beechey Island, the Midnight sun and the Polar night.”

It’s very winter-y. And I’m very pleased Richard and Frederic agreed to allow me to give the remix away for free to anyone who would like to hear it this Christmas!

You can find the beautiful full album from the Rustle of the Stars, here:

~ by acidted on January 7, 2015.

6 Responses to “The Rustle Of The Stars – Sleeping Land – Max Cooper Rmx – Quotient 3/6”

  1. What a trip! Happy New Year AcidTed! 🙂
    (Yes, I have been on hiatus for a long time, assuming that anybody gives a damn.)

  2. Yes we care. When can we expect new stuff?

  3. Eh, although I’d really wish to be ready for a release, I am trapped in so many everyday-life commitments that I doubt I could get anything done before March. With some luck, perhaps around February. Oh, and thank you very much for your support, sir. 🙂

  4. Bene, grazie Joor. Hope to hear something new from you soon, then.

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