Steve’s Sounds (2)


Next in this series of tunes from Steve Cobby is The Solid Doctor’s I’d Like To Take You Out. This is lush funk with a bit of vocoder. The electronic walrus of love. Or, perhaps not love, since Steve says “A little song about assassination – lifted off a ’98 Solid Doctor DAT tape.” Free download.

The picture is a marmalade steamed sponge pudding I made the other day. Even if I say so myself, it looks pretty good in the photo, with a nice contrast between the deep orange of the marmalade, the whiteness of the place and the varied grain of the wood. In reality, it was a disaster. What the photo doesn’t show is that the pudding didn’t rise properly and is only a few centimetres thick. It tasted like marmalade sludge and coated the roof of your mouth with a grainy residue.

~ by acidted on January 25, 2015.

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