Teotihuacan – Part 1 – with Tom Hodge

Samurai lego

Ok, so that’s a samurai not an Aztec but let’s move on. Here’s a new one from Max Cooper, part of his Quotient series. And ahead of his new Artefact EP.

This is ambient piano-based music, full of wide open spaces.

When I was touring in Mexico, I was lucky enough to have some days off during a visit to Mexico City, and took a trip to a nearby Toltec/Aztec Pyramid site called Teotihuacan. It’s a beautiful place, but when I asked about its history I was told that most of the knowledge and culture of the people who built it was lost, with the arrival of the Europeans. Now it’s turned into a rebuilt money making tourist trap, with the loss of its real meaning.

I recorded the space and sounds there with binaural mics, so I could try and capture some of the feeling of it, including a storm which came in, and then I wrote a strings part inspired by the feelings of the visit there. Tom Hodge brought the piece to life by playing a piano part in addition, and I loved the piano so much I decided to make two parts, the first with the piano only, combined with the binaural recordings and a randomising delay feedback network, and the second part with the strings. The first part of Teotihuacan is available exclusively from the free download Quotient Series, and the second part will be coming on the Artefact EP in April.

preorder available – www.smarturl.it/ArtefactEP‏

~ by acidted on February 20, 2015.

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