Fir-kin ‘ell

Fir cones

Fir-kin ‘ell. Fila Brazillia are deactivating their pro-soundcloud account in less than two weeks. To make up for it, they’ve enabled downloads on all their remixes. That’s a massive 70 of them for your downtempo pleasure.

They said “We’re de-activating the Fila Brazillia pro Soundcloud account in a fortnight. ALL remix download links now activated for two weeks before being deleted for good.”

Might be time to feature a few of those 70 remixes for the remainder of the week. Let’s start with Lamb and their downtempo drum and bass. The first remix is of Cotton Wool from 1996. The track has a typical early Lamb clatter, topped with Louise Rhodes’ little girl lost vocals. Fila Brazillia offer the tune a little guitar funk and a greater richness of sound.

The second remix is of Lusty, also from Lamb’s eponymous first album. I’m not sure this ever got a commercial release. My Lamb singles don’t contain it. And Discogs isn’t any help. If the remix of Cotton Wool was very identifiably Lamb, the Lusty remix is very much Fila Brazillia. Drum and bass takes a back seat to future funk.


~ by acidted on May 7, 2015.

3 Responses to “Fir-kin ‘ell”

  1. Fir-kin ‘ell indeed. Messrs Cobby and McSherry, thank you.

  2. Thanks God for AcidTed: I didn’t even know about them! Downloading rite now! 🙂

  3. Love that Lamb remix – have done since it came out. Cheers for the heads-up, grabbing the whole lot now.

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