Final Fila Brazillia

Sky blossom

Finally, for this trio of Fila Brazillia downloads, two classics that really ought to be unearthed.

First, Ruby (Lesley Rankine) from 1996 and a track from her Salt Peter remixed album. This never quite broke through as it shuld have. Like the Lamb tracks from a couple of days ago, there’s an exceptional voice at work here. The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts is typically Ruby, with it’s air of repressed emotional outpouring, undercut with a bit of Fila Brazillia laidbackness.

Finally, Mixmaster Morris (as Irresistible Force). Purveyor of some of the finest ambient of the 90s. Fila Brazillia took on Nepalese Fish Dances, which was a combo of Nepalese Bliss and Fish Dances. A funky ambient classic ensues. And why not donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee for its work in Nepal.

“Hey Kids!
C’mere a minute.
I gotta good thing for you.
Nepalese Bliss.
If anybody offers you a hit of Nepalese Bliss.
You better turn it down unless you wanna get off
That’s right.
It’s so strong it’s religious.
Blow your head right off.”

~ by acidted on May 9, 2015.

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