JAV – Japanese Adult Video


I’m so out of step with popular culture. Does JAV mean anything to you? Didn’t to me. But here’s some JAV-step. Had to look up JAV on Urban Dictionary. Goodness me, a variety of unsavoury meanings. But listening to this track it can only relate to Japanese naughtiness mixed with house piano and some Future garage. Who’s responsible for this curiously pleasing concoction? It’s only Joor Nitth. I don’t know about your viewing habits, Sir. But I like the sounds. Free download.


~ by acidted on June 17, 2015.

10 Responses to “JAV – Japanese Adult Video”

  1. Haha, I loved the tongue-in-cheek (pardon the pun!) review: thanks very much for your support, sir! JAV videos are rampant, nowadays: how comes you didn’t know? Most silly thing (only in Japan!) is that private parts must be covered with a mosaic and the local laws are very strict about it. Makes sense to you? Let’s see if Luca has anything to say on this topic…

    • I’m a married man, Joor..
      Even though my wife doesn’t speak English I’d rather feign absolute disinterest in the argument. You never know.

      • Oops, I am so sorry: didn’t really mean to make you feel uncomfortable Luca! I had thought to involve you jokingly, but apparently I have bitten off more than you can chew.

        Anyhow, my knowledge of JAV and adult videos in general is strictly limited to popular culture, and the production of this track was made by disabling the video and extracting only the audio portion, of course. I am am married man too.

  2. Urban dictionary is frequently enlightening

  3. OK, Joor, let’s put it this way, take a look at my TIMJ page in the next few days (blatant self-promotion..) and you’re in for some surprises..

    • Thank you very much, Luca: you can bet I won’t miss it! On a side-note: the title of this post is a bit misleading, isn’t it? My wife saw I was browsing SoundCloud whit the other tab reading “Japanese Adult Video”. Fortunately, she’s an open-minded person, eh!

      @Ctel: I know I may sound adulatory, but I’ve took inspiration for that house piano while reading another post here, where you say you like that particular instrument, even though I had ’92 hardcore in mind, more than house, specifically this tune: https://youtu.be/z6aJUkxdrOY?t=48s
      It’s, of course, an M1 piano: THE house piano since it has been released by Korg back in the ’80s, although I’ve used the plugin version. šŸ™‚

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