More cake Vicar?


Eat More Cake are back with a new vocal house tune for free download and an exclusive interview with Andy (one third of the trio). The cake-based photo is Rosemary cake, for those that are interested. Enough baking, on with the interview:

1. So, Eat More Cake. A sign of gluttony or an arch reference to Brass Eye’s special episode?

Pure gluttony. But don’t take sweets from strangers.

2. You describe yourself as a collective. One man and a dog on a string or what?

Hahahahahaha! Great question. There are three of us. Me (Andy), Matt and Owen. I’ve known them both since we were kids and we’ve always done music together. At the moment, when we DJ, it’s me and Owen behind the decks and Matt helps me in the studio, but I’m spending the most time on the project. It’s a total obsession.

3. You come from deeply unfashionable North Harrow and live round the corner from my mother. How do you find it as a place to live?

Amazing! Best interview questions ever! Well to be honest I don’t think it’s been the same since the Super Bowl closed down. And every pub and petrol station became blocks of flats. Boy did I love a good petrol station back in the day. Speaking of the Super Bowl, you may be able to verify my historically disbelieved, but totally accurate claims that RnB star Usher “saved” the super bowl from closure, before it eventually did close down anyway. Nobody believes me but it happened, dammit. It was in the Harrow Observer “Usher saves the Super Bowl!”

This is awkward but I am totally unable to verify this story. I’d never heard the story, the Harrow Observer has closed down and the bowling alley was ABC Bowling in my day. Google discloses nothing on the subject. AT

4. You got your big break with your Music Sounds Better With You remix. What do you think of it today?

It’s funny cos when I made it, it took no time at all – I kept hearing really nothing-y remixes of it and thought “I could do a better job than that”, so I got the acapella and literally sat down at the keyboard and just played the piano riff. Once I had that and made a beat and stuck the guitar sample in it kind of wrote itself. I thought it was pretty good at the time but then people kind of went nuts for it, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I still like it but did a more “Clubby” update recently to play in our DJ sets.

5. Has it all gone Pete Tong? You were referenced by him as an emerging artist, which is quite an accolade.

Yes. It has all gone Pete Tong. We got a play on his radio 1 show and then a special feature on his international show. It’s brilliant to be endorsed by someone right at the top. It makes you think you must be doing something right!

6. You’ve covered a range of sounds from chill to house and hip hop. But Believe In Me sounds quite UK bass. How is your sound developing?

Well, we’ve been really focusing on trying to have a sense of consistency in our tracks. This is fairly straightforward for house tunes but we’ve got a load of other stuff up our sleeves at various tempos with rapping and all sorts, so we’ve picked a handful of production techniques which we sort of sprinkle over everything so we have an identifiable “sound”. There seems to be an expectation that artists should be really genre specific and just do one thing over and over again. I think that’s a really boring approach and probably why there’s so much utter dross out there.

7. What’s next for you?

Well we’ve just uploaded our brand new original track “Sleep Talk” which you can stream / download free here:

This is a good time vocal house tune AT

And there’s lots more where that came from. We’ve also just done an official remix for Cedric Gervais’s new track “Love Again” which you can stream on sound cloud here:

Too housey housey for me AT

8. Finally, I have to ask, my mother makes a lovely chocolate cake. Give us a recipe for one of your favourites.

1 Egg

2 Chocolate bars

5 Gold Rings

3 Little Pigs

Stick it all in a blender and then cook it at 1000 degrees for a billion years ; )


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  1. Mmmm… cake…

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