Glad I Dag EP – Various Artists


The Cymasonic label kindly offers up a four track EP of quality music.

First up, Trulz and Robin in the guise of Robomatic with ‘Don’t Give Up.’ A beatless techno exploration that manages to combine elements of Detroit, Vangelis and Hans Zimmer with compact, plucked synth notes skittering and skating off the walls, driving up the momentum but maintaining a disciplined rhythm. Very sci-fi. Very nice.

By way of complete divergence, Ivaylo’s ‘Hazel’ is an ultra funky tech-house number, the fat, gravelly bass and vibrant beat complimented by some crisp percussion, sharp handclaps and, as the track progresses, a sprinkling of cheery organ. Time to dance.

More hefty rhythms are delivered by Fede Zerdan on ‘RPS_SET,’ the fierce foundation of solid beats coated with twanging synth and cracking percussive notes, a potent mix of unyielding power that has a glorious ‘3am on the dancefloor’ feel to it.

And finally, an 11 minute techno odyssey, ‘Glad i Dag (Frosk Edit)’, courtesy of Trulz and Robin again and, as with their past creations, T & R (thankfully) demonstrate again their capacity for inventive, atypical techno. The brisk opening tempo of clipped, resonant beats gradually expands, bringing with it waves of vibrating synth before subsiding midway into quirky, swift synth notes and repeated, overlapping synth rhythms, all ricocheting in several directions at once before a final, solid, uniform pulse leads it out. Another off-kilter pleasure.

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~ by acidted on August 4, 2015.

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