crx091081gb suggests: Hans Berg – Tucan Fever

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The next suggestion by crx091081gb is Hans Berg’s Tucan Fever, which he says has the “cheekiest bass line I’ve found in a while and melodic leads that bubble all over the place”.

Tucan Fever defies conventional categorisation, blending elements of deep house with tech house and a sprinkling of IDM weirdness. The depth of the off kilter bass blends beautifully with the perky top melody.


With parties beginning to head back indoors and another summer season reaching its end, Nibc’s Trunkfunk Records serves up one last slice of sunshine. The new EP boasts four full-flavoured cuts of deep and techy house, featuring Nibc and fellow Swedish house heads Hans Berg and Ishivu, and illustrated with the boldly graphic images of visual designer Slobodan Zivic.

Hans Berg’s “Tucan Fever” is the jungle-dwelling delight that opens the EP with a colourful rollercoaster xylophone melody. It is a uniquely exotic specimen that swoops through a jungle palette of sound, bringing together the hard and the soft, with a techy synth bass line that packs a memorable punch.

Featuring delicate piano chords and soft, washy sound effects, Nibc’s edit of Ishivu’s “Nangilima” is a gentle house number that subtly blushes into full bloom. It’s filled to every edge with airy gusts of melody, sweeping strings and ghostly vocals, and a sultry tempo keeps it deeper than deep.

Nibc’s “I C U” picks up where “Tucan Fever” leaves off, crafting a tropical rhythm reminiscent of steel-drums, and giving it fresh context with a UK bass house beat. Blending chiming highs with a thick, irresistible bass line and cut-up, sped-up vocals proves to be the perfect formula for this prime example of dancefloor alchemy.

Nibc’s trifecta is completed with “Leaving You”, a beautifully poignant track that is cinematic in scope and utterly memorable. It’s a perfect sign-off that absorbs the signatures of the EP’s previous tracks – bass-driven deepness, expertly treated vocal samples, emotional impact and unmissable melody – and is tailor made for anthemic last-track-of-the-night honours.

~ by acidted on November 4, 2015.

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