Aleph Naught and the Null Set – Subway

Snow trooper

Watery space ambient for you today. Subway is from Aleph Naught and the Null Set.

Aleph Naught is from Michigan and claims a background in prog rock, albeit that this track is based around computers. There’s a touch of prog rock to the sprawling feel of the track but the computers and the disorientating sense of both space and claustrophobia give it an unusual feel. It’s ambient in part and space prog in others. He says “The song “Subway” is my response to the soundscapes on several episodes of “The Knick.” Cliff Martinez mixes ambient and musical effects that create moving soundscapes, and that’s what I was looking for with “Subway,” a soundtrack for the underground.”

The track is from the album Spring Rolls. Much of the remainder of the album is in a straighter prog rock style. The other tracks that have a similar sense to Subway are The Music Box, which has a Wakemanesque keyboard frenzy, and SoS’ restrained paranoia.


~ by acidted on April 14, 2016.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words! I live in LA now (my fault – the weather in Michigan s*cks). If anyone has any questions or comments go for it please!

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