Benevolence is the new jazzy drum and bass album from Syncopix. He says “This one is for all dnb crew spreading some love and smoothly lightening up the dark sides of this crazy world. This is “benevolence”.” And that’s all fine and dandy. After all, benevolence comes from the Latin bene “well” and velle “to wish”. But did you know it has another, darker meaning? In English history, this was the name given to forced extra-legal loans or contributions to the crown, first started in 1473 by Edward IV, who “asked” it as a token of good will toward his rule.

Two album tracks for you. I Love Her is a jazzy love song that mixes some dark bass and harder beats with a syrupy vocal and some soulful elements. The title track meanwhile is a lovely tune. All skippiness on the beats and washes of tones all around.

~ by acidted on April 30, 2016.

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