Lame leads to beauty


Most of the time I try not to slag off artists. I’d rather focus on the good stuff. And, J’lectroniq produces some wonderful electronic house music.

But first a grump. Is it me or is “The Adventures of Coolio Iglesias: Epilogue” not the lamest title for an album in ages? A limp pun that offers nothing about the wonders therein. Why do that?

Epilogue is a five track offering. The mood throughout is one of soft wonder, exemplified by opener Vamoose. There are washes of space sound accompanied by wondering synths and some hushed vocals. A romantic soft synth pop. Gypsy Summer offers lots of summer with very little gypsy. A noodly sort of affair but washed through with sunshine and Pimms.

A change of mood somewhat with Raindance. After an indefinably mournful start this picks up the beats into soulful house. Definitely dance floor. Next track, Stray, manages to be a highlight. Quirky, perky tempo and some synth xylophone sounds all contrive to make you smile. Closer, Closer, wobbles away in wonder and offers a few of htose hushed vocals. Almost R&Bish in its approach it lets the album slip from your grasp beautifully.

Blurb: Jasper Bosgraaf (born October 24,1988) better known by his stage name J’lectroniq (pronounce: Jay-lec-tronic), is a Dutch record producer, recording artist and DJ.  In 2009 he founded Afrodisiac Recordings while living a year in Amsterdam. Back in his hometown (Groningen) he decided to put out a long-term project: ‘The Tales of a Dreamer.’




~ by acidted on June 12, 2016.

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