The Candy Cigarettes of my youth


Candy Cigarettes. Do they still sell them? So kids could strut around pretending to smoke. Had ends to look like filters and red tips. Typing that makes me realise how odd it all was. And in a Proustian moment of life’s profound disappointment, I remember the unpleasantly sugary taste of staleness. They were always in two states – new and too hard to bite without cutting your mouth or stale and crumbly and tasting like sugar ash. There was no inbetween. Came with a card which was always damp. Meanwhile, here are a few tunes linked by having a sense of lost wonder.

First, Candy Cigarettes. They offer The Waiting Room. Long lost synths play, slightly out of focus, tickling at your memories.

If we’re playing with memories then why not go for Toto’s terrible 80s hit Africa reimagined. The original was bombastically awful but this version by Whoever takes the main phrase and turns it into a synth dance triumph.

Download for free on The Artist Union:

To end, here’s Charlie’s Brand, an ambient synth track that offers gently bubbling pleasures and a little wood scraping.


~ by acidted on June 28, 2016.

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