Everything’s gone weird


This post is being written in the aftermath of the EU Referendum result. On the day of the result itself there was work to focus on and to distract. Now, here, the next morning, you can process the collage of sensations of the day. The inevitability of Cameron resigning. The thrill of those who voted Leave. The shock and anger of those who voted Remain. More than a few tears. But mostly, an “oh, what have we done, and what on earth is going to happen next” And the lack of proper answers to those things. Many of my neighbours are from the EU. Who will stay beyond the next couple of years and who will go? Who will be PM? Will it really be Boris? Can the Conservative party survive in its current form? More to the point, can Labour?

All of which makes Iacon’s Scene 5: Reunion the perfect accompaniment. The whirl of background noise. The out of focus and slightly discordant synths chiming and a whoosh of history accelerating.


“The radio kept playing songs we used to dance real slow to. I had kissed you good night as I took off for a midnight drive, headed to the only place I know to regain my clarity. I wanted to turn back around… tell you I’m sorry for what I had done… to turn back the clock and make things right. Time flies by when you’re fixated on the superficial. You know what they say, anything that can go wrong will go wrong… Murphy’s Law.”

released June 14, 2016 on No Problema Records



Total running time: 43:40

~ by acidted on June 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “Everything’s gone weird”

  1. Yup.

  2. ACID TED i know results long time ago.1963 French President De Gol says Great Britain is USA trojan horse for new European Economic Comunity.100 procent is have right.28 billons euros on year GB give in fond of EU (350 millons Pound sterling on week).What is democracy(rule of free people or bunch rich greedy hipocrats)ISIL made west secret service,today in Instambul 41 people died,this crime secret services helped.
    This is that democracy, every war on earth this lazy bastards maded and have his bloody hands twisted in the name of new democracy called GLOBALIZATION.EU is egsactly definition of this.In the movie BIACENTAL MAN (Robin Williams – rest in peace) Washington in the future is capitol of the world.

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