Shuhandz & Luis Armando – Bullfight


A quick repost for Shuhandz & Luis Armando’s Bullfight because it’s a great tune. Shuhandz & Luis Armando’s Bullfight EP is somewhere between house and tech house. Has a dash of the 90s thrown into the mix. In Bullfight they offer a mix of classic sounds and contemporary machine music. A track for dark corners and uplifting nights. Moody but sensual.


Shuhandz returns to LAMP and this time he’s brought along some extra firepower in the form of his production partner Luis Armando. With over 15 years of experience in the industry Armando brings a refined touch to Shuhandz productions. The duo have set their sights on providing us with a deep, undulating house-infused narrative in the form of this latest EP, Bullfight.

The title track, ‘Bullfight’ sets us on a dark, moody journey with eerie drones and synth pads that float and envelop the soundscape while driving bass lines and tech house percussive layers nurture the track’s main rhythm. A host of well crafted FX pads move in and out of the arrangement giving the track additional color and variance. The lead vox is confrontational and foreboding encapsulating the attitude and vibe that ‘Bullfight’ is going for.

‘Don’t Go There’ follows up with a more uptempo sentiment with lead by the driving kick and a hybrid of techno, tech house and jackin’ style percussion layers. The composition shares some of the signature pads and drones that we’ve come to expect from Shuhandz sound design prowess. As the arrangement progresses a new grouping of melodic and ambient synths replace the darker counterparts to provide diversity during the track’s main breakdown.

If you’re in the mood for a deep tech set and want take your listeners on a bit of a journey then this EP is definitely primed for your set list.


~ by acidted on July 9, 2016.

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