Dreams In Common


It’s curious how we can have dreams in common. Teeth falling out, being chased, unable to go find a toilet, naked in public, unprepared for an exam, falling. Do any of these resonate with you? Falling and being chased are mine. A mix of anger and anxiety, apparently.

Dreams in Common is the offering from Third Attempt, Torje F. Spilde, a producer from Norway. He says “I live with my dad in the middle of the forest in Norway. He owns a quiet little place, far away from any city. It’s quite peaceful, and helps a lot with inspiration. We also have a cat named Welma.” The tune is a chilled trip hop with a more than usual sense of hip hop from the vocals. But also managing to be quite lounge jazzy.

How did he get into music? “About a year or two ago, me and my dad built this little hut a few yards from our main house. That little hut is now my bedroom and studio 🙂 When I got my own place, I started to take my music more seriously. Spending late nights tweaking knobs, learning software and recording instruments.” I think this is an impressively good tune. Well rounded and sophisticated.

That there are reflections of zero 7 and Lemon Jelly’s lusher moments is no surprise when he says “I guess you can say that I’m very influenced by the forest and wildlife that surrounds me. I often record ambience from the outside, to add more character to my tunes. I also listen to a lot of Electronic music and jazz. I am mostly inspired by Trip Hop, downtempo, Ambient and House. Artists like Gramatik, Zero 7, Tipper and Lemon Jelly inspire me to keep going.”

Have a wander round his soundcloud account there’s more good stuff like this to be found. Mainly free downloads.

~ by acidted on July 31, 2016.

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