Radiohead edits


I’m a bit meh about Radiohead. Too fawned over for their impact on me. But I know I’m in a minority here. Nevertheless, here are some nice electronic edits of Radiohead by Mopo.*

Did you ever wonder about the PR people who spend their lives sending ungrateful blogs carefully crafted prose only for it to be casually discarded after the most cursory read nine times out of ten? I thought this post would therefore focus on Melissa MacTavish, self-confessed socially conscious spinster and PR for this product (go look for her riotous facebook).

1. Where are you and how’s the weather?

I’m in Colorado, just outside of Denver at Morgan’s house. He’s programming the visuals for A festival this weekend, so I’m taking care of Jake the dog.

It’s a hot day, with the sun bursting above the Rocky Mountains.

2. How would you describe yourself?

Socially conscious spinster.

3. Public relations can have a bad name – The Wonderstuff’s Radio Ass Kiss says “so bugger the plugger, cause there’ll be another”. How do you see it?

I think it’s earned the bad name. There are a lot of talentless hacks and cute girls that wanna hang with famous people. It’s rare to meet people who are passionate about the product.

4. Your inspiration and why?

I love helping young artists dreams come true. There’s something very special about watching a crowd of people hypnotized by a track I helped put out, forgetting all of life’s issues and just enjoying themselves. I was one of those kids once. So, I try to treat every project like it’s going to reach me.

5. Why should we listen to Motion Potion – Subterranean Homemade Alchemy

It’s 10 years of Mopo edits of Radiohead. It’s about damn time he released them!!!

So there you go. And now, some Radiohead edits. Ummm… yeah. Oh, I’ve heard of Creep. That was an early one wasn’t it? Not bad edit but perhaps that’s because there’s no Radiohead in it. It’s based on the Richard Cheese lounge cover from a lot of years ago, I think. Perhaps not my best review this one.

There There


Just A Break

All of them

* repost

~ by acidted on August 29, 2016.

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