alternate perceptions – nowhere nuthin

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Techno in a dreamscape is what Alternate Perceptions offer.

Nowhere Nuthin manages to be both a dark techno track, full of foreboding, and a dreamy almost ambient piece. That’s rather a contradictory pairing but manages the trick from having relatively light beats and a dark bass line. That gives the unease and twisted feel. But the synth line wanders around in a liquid way giving the ambient feel.

Blurb: Having vowed to go deeper that any man has ever gone before, Alternate Perceptions are back with their second EP on Method (Baroque Records). This EP continues the journey started with their previous “Psion” ep with strong Techno structures, melodic evolving landscapes and hypnotic hooks. Out September 2 on Beatport, early support for this EP comes from Laurent Garnier, Wade Bennet, Jamie Porteous, Joseph Capriati, Mitch Alexander (Microcastle) and others. Alternate Perceptions are Kooki salinas & Yonatan Rukhman, both lifelong music veterans from Tel Aviv. They have released music before as “Yud Kei” and produced artists in various musical genres. They have recently inaugurated their new studio in Tel Aviv (Double Dot Studio).


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