Sebastian Carter – Unlock (feat. Atonal)


I find myself regularly saying I’m not a fan of dance music with vocals and scurrying off to the instrumental version when I can. But just occasionally a vocal track gets through. This is one such. Sebastian Carter with Atonal offers Unlock from his EP of the same name.

The track is marked as “electronic” which isn’t much help. I suppose it’s tropical house but even that rather fails to describe the joyous noise that is Unlock. Starts with some tubular bells, handclaps and Atonal’s rich vocal. Then it builds into harmonies, choirs and the celestial. With its “no truth in your disguise” vocal and juxtapositional lyrics there’s a bewilderingly wonderful confusion about the conflicting moods the track creates. Spun out.

Give it a ❤ on HypeM:

Blurb: Swiss producer Sebastian Müller p/k/a Sebastian Carter recently unveiled his lead single “Shallow Waters” off his forthcoming debut EP City Lights. Picking up early support from The Magician, Lane 8, Tensnake, Pat Lok, Jamie Jones and more, Sebastian wastes no time unveiling his second single “Unlock”. “Unlock” highlights real instrumentation and slowly builds into an emotionally charged and whimsical sonic journey filled with powerful drums and featuring the smooth vocals of London-based Atonal. 

Sebastian Carter, is the embodiment of the promise which is driving the underground dance music movement. Artists of his caliber are the reason why this sub-genre has so effectively overshadowed its rivals. At just 22-years-old, the blossoming artist possesses ability beyond his years, the supplement of humility, and enthusiasm for future endeavors. His avant-garde approach to electronic music, with modern flairs and ambient vibes is refreshing to the ears and easy on the soul.

With City Lights, Sebastian uses a range synthesizers and instruments and he continues to take his productions to new heights and a new era begins with the EP.

City Lights out on September 23rd

~ by acidted on September 24, 2016.

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