Thursday Trio: Northern Dusk, Ben Fairey and The Tin Box


A trio of downtempo for your Thursday from Northern Dusk, Ben Fairey and The Tine Box.

Northern Dusk are no strangers here, having offered Forever Sleep back in July. This time, we have Goldener Herbst (Golden Autumn). Less laid back than the previous track but still beautifully crafted. A hardish metallic beat is offset with soft Rhodes and a flush of autumn leaves.

Ben Fairey offers Loop. A slow house tune resting on a great piano line and shuffled beats. This is full of mellow fruitfulness.

Finally, The Tin Box (Tucker Sferro from the US). In our house the tin boxes were always Gold Block from my grandfather. But because he died not long after I was born when I remember they were filled with screws and nails, rather than tobacco. But The Tin Box reference Plaid and Ochre for their track Deep Ocean Cold.

This is classical IDM. The beats rattle and bobble around. Despite the title there isn’t a smell of fish or subsonic bass. It’s more an Arctic experience, full of crisp sharps and crackles. A guitar blends in and out but does so quite unobtrusively. A lovely track that makes you go brrrr.

More here:

Blurb: The Tin Box is a stage name for electronic musician Tucker Sferro, a Brooklyn-based American electronic musician. Tucker composes and performs largely under the idm and downtempo genres, with influences spanning many, including drum and bass, chillout electronica, ambient, electronic pop, and classical music. …. I also play bass in a progressive rock band “A Festival of Yahoos”, which has been playing in the NYC area for more than a decade. Electronic Musical influences: mum, Autechre, Benn Jordan, B. Fleischmann, Hundred Waters, LTJ Bukem What makes me tick musically is uplifting/intricate/optimistic melodies, which is why I love classical piano and guitar. I like to blend the element of chance into my music by designing arrangements that employ probabilistic-based sequences. This adds a unique layer of variation and complexity to my live performances.


~ by acidted on October 20, 2016.

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