Pilates Pusseh brings us living energy


Pilates Pusseh says:
As it says in the sacred texts of the Upanishads, “the whole created universe is made of living energy that moves and oscillates and shines”. Today we will gently move our floofs, oscillate our tummehs and shine our undercarriages, uniting ourselves as one with the created universe.”

Move your floofs to Future Loop Foundation’s Coming Down. This is classic FLF downtempo but with a strong cinematic jazz influence and a bit of spaced psychedelia. And while we’re about it, let’s have some more FLF with Moments in Blue. Described as tropical ambient, this is trumpet-driven fabulousness. A bit more up for it than the term ambient would suggest, this is the sound of a warm, sun-kissed beach. Can only be followed by Skylab’s Seashell (1994) for which I’ve added the Bandcamp stream below.

Blurb: ‘Coming Down’ has an unstoppable foot-tapping rhythm and strong jazzy instruments, including a leading bass line and energetic percussion. Beginning with a smooth build of instruments, the vocal line is used quite minimally and adds another layer to this enticingly smooth beat. The track also has a few surprises, such as street noise, a powerful string section and a cinematic build.

~ by acidted on October 24, 2016.

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