Colm K – Time E.P.


This newie from Colm K isn’t out for another couple of weeks but I loved the downtempo soulful house feel of this. Time comes with vocals from Aisling Kelly which are just this side of too sweet. Time Again is the pick of the trio, offering more of a house approach to things and had me shuffling round the kitchen. You have a listen while I have a sit down to catch my breath.

Clips for the whole EP here


Irish DJ & Producer Colm K has been playing at his renowned monthly “Sunday Times!” for seven years and running, but began his interaction with the international music world after his selection for the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome 2003. This resulted in producing studio projects for Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, (including remix duties with Mr Scruff) and Brian Deady, as well as releasing music on Brownswood and Bastard Jazz. He’s also been featured on Ransome Note, Stamp The Wax and a Boiler Room mix.

Having appeared on R2 Records for Seven Davis Jr’s comp “Future Society” we are happy to announce Colm K has produced an exquisite E.P. for us, each of the three tracks showcasing his versatility.

“Time” is a down tempo soul burner, the beats tight, the production crisp and the vocals of Aisling Kelly riding beautifully.

“Time Again” picks things up with a mid-tempo house track to melt any dance floor. Floating melodies cut with Colm’s signature crisp beats creating a steady growing soulful beast.

Finally “Uncertainty” sees Colm revert to funk break territory, but this time flips it with soulful chords, evolving into a delicious deep groove and synth workout before gently bringing us back down to Earth.


~ by acidted on November 1, 2016.

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