Syntax Erik – Don’t Wanna Dance EP


Well, this is nice, I must say.

Norwegian native Raymond Hansen has conjured up a very entertaining EP for our pleasure.

The title track is a funky, hip-swinging joy composed of clattering high hat, acid-soaked beats and a really quite bizarre midway break that takes it in an altogether lighter direction before returning to the intensity of the opening. Highly enjoyable. There’s a more jack-your-body feel to ‘Love Jail’ with its steady beat, bombilating bass and distinct high hat. Again, all very funky and danceable. ‘Back on Track’ starts simple and builds as the track progresses with synth stabs, regular beats and melodic rhythms into something of an excitable crescendo. The remix is from Doc L. Junior who takes the original and beefs it up for a floor filling frenzy of heavy, power-tool acid beats and stomping beats spiked with random whooping vocals. Wonderful.

Review by D


Coming Soon From Beatservice Records
1. Don’t Wanna Dance
2. Love Jail
3. Back on Track
4. Don’t Wanna Dance (Doc L. Junior Horror Dub)

Syntax Erik is Raymond Hansen, originally from Tromsø, Norway, now living in Oslo. He has been releasing music under various aliases from 1997, first as K.Y.D, then as a part of the duo Kyd & Kango. Over the years he has maintained steady production efforts with personal tracks, many for his own pleasure.

Syntax Erik is presently on a roll with a series of fantastic EPs for Beatservice Records. 2015’s EPs, Keep It Deep and I Can Feel You, were met with wide acclaim from the likes of Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space), Terry Francis, Pete Herbert, Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings), and Robert Owens. Now Erik busts forth with the Don’t Wanna Dance EP, the third in the series. This time, the tracks are more focused to the four-on-the-floor side of deep house but with Syntax Erik’s distinctively funky touch. The title track is propelled by old school embellishments, a high-hat heavy drum loop, and some serious acid. The key breakdown adds some unexpected loveliness. “Love Jail” grabs the dance floor with its swinging, jackin’ beat, buzzy synth bass, and melodic arpeggiations and pads. Things get a bit moody on “Back On Track” which builds masterfully using bright layers of synths and keys. As a bonus, veteran producer Doc L. Junior (Music For Freaks, Paper Recordings) rounds out the EP with a more floor-heavy treatment of “Don’t Wanna Dance”, which he lovingly refers to as his Horror Dub.


~ by acidted on November 7, 2016.

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