Salty – Camera (album sampler)


Hip hop, the Japanese version, courtesy of Salty (Naoya Ninomiya), in the form of six tracks that serve as a taster for his album. And very tasty they are too.

‘Doppleganger’ is a comfortable blend of hip hop beat, scratching and vocal snatches backed up by  sombre keyboards and a Robert Wyatt sample that produces an altogether mournful whole. There’s a late night, smoky vibe in ‘ADSL,’ the mellifluent pulse and shimmering keyboards nicely juxtaposed with agitated Japanese vocal fragments. Laid back, funky goodness permeates ‘The Sea Came In At Midnight,’ a touch of film score in the softly rolling bass, gentle percussion and lyrical flute. All very chilled.

The rugged, resolute beat of ‘Remonoganac’ is paired with some deftly played piano, all of which bears a passing resemblance to DJ Shadow’s ‘Best Foot Forward’ and that’s no bad thing. A significant change of style presents in ‘UBIQ’ and, with its urgent, rapid drum beat, guitar solo and melody, almost departs from hip hop altogether and heads for rock-ier territory. Wistful vocals, soft beats and orchestral sweeps in the endearing ‘Melting In The Dark’ make for a euphonious conclusion to a stimulating collection of tunes. 

Review by D

~ by acidted on November 20, 2016.

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