Nicolas Bougaïeff – Orbit


Space techno from Nicolas Bougaïeff. Harder than you think.

Canadian Nicolas Bougaïeff has had a peripatetic musical existence from studies at Montreal and Huddersfield before ending up in Berlin. He’s worked with Richie Hawtin, designing the performance set-up for Hawtin’s Plastikman Live tour. But he gets bonus points in my book for his collaboration with Max Cooper on Traum Schallplatten.

Orbit is a track from Bougaïeff’s Ascent EP. Techno marching beats, with that Berlin detachment, ally themselves with spiralling synths in a mix of 70s and 90s. This is often less the joy of orbiting the sun than the dread of orbiting the death star.

A track from the Max Cooper collaboration from a few years back

Blurb: Nicolas Bougaieff takes astronauts and cosmonauts on a dreamy dancefloor expedition. The doctoral-trained composer laces techno beats with an elaborate reverie of harmony. Mateo Murphy and Mallone go darker and heavier with their remixes, while hiTHertoo (aka Akkamiau) adds oddball alien eccentricities. Finally, a “Synthapella” version gives you all the ambient goodness of the synth parts from Ascent.


~ by acidted on December 9, 2016.

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