clocolan – Obsolete Advancements


All too often downtempo or ambient artists make parallels between their work and that of Boards of Canada. That’s setting yourself a high bar. Few manage to get over that bar. For me, clocolan do. Obsolete Advancements, from their forthcoming album Nothing Left To Abandon, creates that slightly psychedelic IDM mood from BoC. Has a similar sense of being out of or beyond time.

Blurb: Nothing Left To Abandon is the Enpeg debut of composer clocolan. Described as brooding fictions in discrete sound spaces, Nothing Left To Abandon is the sonic equivalent of the memories, visions & eroded philosophies of yesterday, today & tomorrow. Envisioned in a childhood of barren escarpments, livid skies, homeless wastes and an unknowable geography lay a forgotten beauty where every memory is as fragile as a sand castle. With time and sound distorted/transmuted, Nothing Left To Abandon is an atmospheric listen of dusty melancholy and conscious nostalgia.


~ by acidted on January 7, 2017.

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