Hawke – WarPeace (Hardkiss Music)


A first 2017 release for Gavin Hardkiss in his Hawke mode. WarPeace is taken from his forthcoming Love In Stars album.

There are two versions of the WarPeace track. The first is a remix by Gavin Hardkiss offering an African sunrise of a tune. All uplifting house and tribal chants. Even my pessimism is temporarily put on hold. The second is a collaboration between Papa Lee Reynolds and Memo Rex. This takes the track in a darker direction with a twangy bass. Equally good in its rather different way. The other track is Ganga Dances With The Swan. A psychedelic house with a vocal from Ganga that verges too close to hippy for me in its short version. The longer version has a bit more space to trip out and is the better for it. Music for magic mushroom eaters.

WarPeace (Lee Reynolds and Memo Rex Remix)

Full EP (clips)

Blurb: Welcome to the world of Hawke and the second single from the forthcoming album Love In Stars.  On the A-side, “WarPeace” is a full frontal assault of the psyche with an illumination of opposing forces. WAR. PEACE. SUN. MOON. Producer Gavin Hardkiss offers a transcendental sound to help pull you out of your hardened shell.  A complementary remix by Papa Lee Reynolds (Desert Hearts) adds darker overtones that will thrill at desert parties and renegades with its tripped-out, unrelenting drive. Hardkiss and Desert Hearts span a generation of electronic dance music influence in California. The collaboration looks to the future with a sound and message that is relevant now more than ever.

On the B-side, “Ganga Dances with the Swan” is an ode to what this future will be after we move through the darkness. Words by White Lotus Foundation’s Ganga White. Vocals by Araceli Santos De Bieber, Gavin Hardkiss and Robbie Hardkiss. Recorded on a whim in the Hardkiss Studios in San Rafael, California. This song is already an inspirational fixture on Hardkiss dance floors and a staple last song of the night.

~ by acidted on January 11, 2017.

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