Friday foursome: Tom Appl, stonefromthesky, Tenet and Ryan Sullivan


Friday’s foursome is a variable selection, ranging from Tom Appl’s house earworm, through stonefromthesky’s punchy approach, to Tenet’s synth charms, and finally Ryan Sullivan’s dubby techno.

Tom Appl provides Family (shortcut). Out today, this is a ridiculously catchy deep house tune. All dreamy and warm, the synth line on this one wraps itself around your ears and clings on limpet-like. The clever thing hear is that this central synth motif apart it draws a lot from tech house in the otherwise deceptive simplicity of the tune.

Stonefromthesky gives us the only remix in this quartet with AB7VN – Solitary Animal (stonefromthesky remix). I’ve no idea about the original but the remix is a punchy thing. It has something in common with early UNKLE tunes in that there’s a little bit of big beat in it and that rolling, rumbling sense of anything could happen here. Slap a big smile on your face with this one.

You can check out the original track as well as the full album here:

Tenet is from Springfield, Mas, USA. Alt is a bobbling little synth tune that has been extended from a brief original. The full three minute version worms its way into your affections with its weaving sophisticated synth line.


Ryan Sullivan hails from South Africa. His tune, Release Me, has an electronic dub flow. It draws on both techno and progressive house but without being constrained by either. A lovely lilt to it all and lots of electronic dub echo.

~ by acidted on February 17, 2017.

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