L-space – Propaganda


Propaganda is all around us. Sometimes obvious “Enemies of the people” stuff, sometimes less so around nationalist emotional notions of freedom or taking control. L-space, from Scotland, seem to share a similar ground to that occupied by PSB or Fuck Buttons. The intersection between electronics and guitar noise wig out. The tune Propaganda offers fifties/sixties US public broadcasts and chilled electronics until nihilistic washes of noise come to shake you from your consumerist torpor. Rise up.


Propaganda! To confuse, divide.
Today seems a clutter of confusion.
A terrible thing is taking place.
Makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

Through their ministries of propaganda they took complete control of the theatre.
An army of secret police who held the power of life or death over every individual.
Use their free press and their free speech to destroy them.

Can I face tomorrow with confidence?
New eyes, new vision for the world.
Not a world of words, but of things that you cannot express.

My God, will it never end?
Propaganda! Propaganda!

We create a perfect world in our heads.

~ by acidted on February 19, 2017.

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