Leftfield Sunday Chill with Ochre, 111 and Tonspender


How’s your Sunday doing? If you’ve had a big night out or just want to reflect on the week that’s gone or to come, here’s three different downtempo tunes to match your mood.

Ochre is the work of Newcastle, UK-based artist, Christopher Leary. And his reference points are all UK-based. A bit of Max Cooper here, a dash of Plaid there, and a smidge of Boards of Canada. But it’s not clichéd. Anaphora uses the Max Cooper trick of awkward distortions, like the diaphanous edges of a nightmare in the sharp light of day. A confident, whirring of machines and colour.

The track is taken from the album Beyond The Outer Loop, available on Bandcamp (£6)

Patience is the watchword from California’s 111. A lovely lo-fi ambient track that wades through fog and treacle to give you a hug. A thickly comforting duvet of a tune.

Patience is taken from the album 11Q13 (Third Heaven), available on Bandcamp (name your price):

Tonspender from Leipzig offers Pressure. This is the least chilled of the three. It’s downtempo but with a definite edge of anxiety. The drum patterns skitter and the synths saw ever so slightly. Lead lines surge like an injection of cortisol. I need a bit of a sit down now.

The track is taken from the album Shift, avilable now for EUR4.


~ by acidted on March 5, 2017.

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