Saturday is sleeping with Toolc, Faodail and Embee


Soft and gentle for this Saturday. As reassuring as soft toilet paper after a particularly fiery curry. Downtempo and ambient from Toolc, Faodail and Embee.

Toolc starts off this trio with Forestronic. Samples of forest fire warnings blend in with wood blocks, chimes and wheezing electronics. An evocative start.

Scotland’s Faodail comes together on Coalesce. A downtempo tune that offers little nods to Max Cooper in the ambient tones and IDM clickiness. But then forges its own way in the lazy steel guitar that occupies the second half of the track.

Available as name your price on Bandcamp

Finally, Embee, an ambient electronica project from Haitian producer Michael Brun. The track Suns starts from nothingness and gradually, gradually comes into hearing and focus. Another track that isn’t afraid of a little guitar in the ambient electronics. More than a little Boards of Canada in this, really.

~ by acidted on March 11, 2017.

One Response to “Saturday is sleeping with Toolc, Faodail and Embee”

  1. […] welcome return to Scotland’s Faodail. In Wren we have another lovely ambient tune that owes more than a little to the majesty of Max […]

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