Phonic Scoupe – Harvest Dance (Hernan & Graziano Remix)

Hello and welcome back to Phonic Scoupe after a gap of two years. The Lithuanian duo are back with Harvest Dance in a form remixed by Hernan Cattaneo and Rafa Graztiano.

Phonic Scoupe never supply the expected. Their stuff is inventive and engaging. The original of this track is a year old but is a fine piece of melodic techno but without ever managing complacency. So, to the remix. Hernan is one of those names that’s been around for a while but never made an impression on me. This collaboration with Graziano takes a lot of the melodic edge off the track, leaving it a bit more naked, a lot more percussive but every bit as inventive. I guess this is a progressive tune but that denies the tech edge it has. Proper.

Harvest Dance (Original)


Chris Fortier’s FADE Records continues to reveal a dynamic series of releases to fire up the world’s dancefloors in 2017, with this superb remix from Hernan Cattaneo & Graziano Raffa. Phonic Scoupe, are a rising melodic techno DJ/Producer duo from Lithuania, and their FADE debut ‘Harvest Dance’ originally appeared as part of the 3-track ‘Baltics EP’ (FD135) back in May 2015.

This choice original cut was heavily supported by Hernan, who played it throughout WMC 2015 and beyond. Now, two years on Hernan has joined forces with his Sudbeat label sidekick, Graziano Raffa to create a fresh interpretation that is set to fly. Based around a highly hypnotic percussive groove, the masterful music makers weave an enthralling spell with an arrangement that builds to perfection before exploding into a magnificent, irresistible funked-up finale.

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