Thursday twosome almost not there

Here are two tracks from Koltbach and B D Rosa that are almost not there. There’s a sense of ambient wonder to the pair.

Koltbach offers Superego. A track that unfolds ever so slowly. Almost not a tune at the start but a collection of hymnal sounds it gradually coalesces around a piano line. The superego is the ethical component of the personality which explains the slightly stern and reserved air of the track. Koltbach says “You are invited to make/remix your own version of “superego”. No registration, no anything! For further instructions please visit”

Velcro is the offering from B D Rosa. I knew that Velcro was an invention based around burrs that stick to clothes and animal fur. But I didn’t know that Georges De Mestral created the name Velcro as a portmanteau of the French words velours (“velvet”), and crochet (“hook”). This is a sweet little track, not quite lasting 90 seconds but it manages to stick in the mind nonetheless, with it’s bobbling lead and ambient deep backing.


~ by acidted on April 6, 2017.

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