Primeval Guilt by IUNA NIVA

I wonder if the reason that so many males are attracted to Nietzsche is that he seems to solve their problem of primeval guilt. Primeval guilt is not like ordinary guilt… One need to have done anything wrong to suffer from it. Rather, one has it as a result of being born, and of feeling that one owes one’s parents something.” I feel a bit guilty for pointing out that I think the quote is missing a “not”. Sorry Jennifer.

Off on a nihilistic trip is IUNA NIVA and the seven track Primeval Guilt EP. With tracks like Stain and Sin this isn’t an easy listening experience. Probably the best track is Vault, with its sense of never-ending purgatory. Chains slowly clank, lost vocals surround and your sins play in an endless loop. An ambient existential groan of aching limbs and tortured psyche. Cheer your morning /mourning. Have a listen.

Blurb: A necklace of seven leftfield landscapes, oscillating between frustrated techno and dawning ambience. Arranged by a singer and a producer using the tools of our current epoch. Metaphorically it stands for an immolation offered to the spectral freedom of nature, in the hope of observing its apparition, once more. 


~ by acidted on April 8, 2017.

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