Saturday experimental selection from LCAW, Corell and Leave Trace

A geo-political stand-off trio from the USA, Russia and Germany in the form of Leave Trace, Corell and LCAW. All three take a different stance on experimental sounds.

The USA’s Leave Trace goes for Spelunk, which is to explore natural caves. This is all drone and ambient. The accompanying blurb offers that it is “Exploring the intersection of texture, atmosphere, storytelling, and nostalgia.” It’s certainly an atmospheric piece, though I don’t know what story it’s telling.

Russia’s Corell stays roughly in a geological vein with Magnetic View. A really rather gorgeous track, this has little bits of pots and pans banging away, all set within a warm IDM carapace.

Finally, LCAW from Germany with Man In The Moon. Sadly, not a cover of the R.E.M. classic but an off-kilter techno house track. The lead line is slightly distorted but in a good way. The beats march along happily and the whole effect is rather uplifting. A definite dancer.

~ by acidted on April 22, 2017.

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