More about mental health from Chusap and NYIKO

Mental health seems to be a favoured cause these day. Hey, even the Royals are at it. And that’s a good thing – goodness knows the death of my son tested mine. Which makes Chusap calling his (?) track Nutter disappointing. It’s made all the more disappointing as it’s a really cool and slinky techno tune accompanied by a spoken vocal about the mental health hotline that still made me laugh – “If you have low self esteem it doesn’t matter which button you press, we don’t care.” .

It concludes “Any callers who are of a sound mind must hang up now.” But you should carry on listening.

If you weren’t amused, here’s some gentle deep house to wash things away from NYIKO. You Know I Loved It (Sasquatch Remix) is almost not a house tune with the vocal chanting and the bits of what sounds akin to banjo. It has an inventiveness that too many deep house tunes don’t achieve.



~ by acidted on May 20, 2017.

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