Banco de Gaia – The Princess and the Sky Goat #ambientdub

Banco de Gaia is always welcome round these parts. Twenty something years after he started Toby Marks still has a tight rein on quality control. And in The Princess and the Sky Goat we have a title that’s very BdG, a bit mysterious and a little bit mythical. The sound is very BdG as well, lots of ambient dub going on here and plenty of forest sounds. And given there’s not a lot of it about these days, that’s equally welcome. The original is one of those tunes that slowly spirals out as all good ambient dub should. The clips here rather curb the full effect. Comes with a pair of remixes from ornah mental, who ramp up the dub, and aqueous arts who take things more firmly into ‘lost’ ambient territory.

Original mix

Original and remixes (clips)


For the fourth and final single from Banco de Gaia’s ‘The 9th of Nine Hearts’ album, @bancodegaia has chosen a track that exemplifies what some would describe as the archetypal Banco sound: ‘The Princess and the Sky Goat’ is proper ambient dub, featuring a rolling bassline courtesy of James Eller (The The) and lush saxophone from Dick Parry (Pink Floyd).

The remixes are in a similar vein, with @ornah-mental providing a dubby worldbeat rerub and @aqueousarts a spacious ambient overhaul.

~ by acidted on May 21, 2017.

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