Wednesday Weirdness with bitte please and Small Town Glow

A couple of offbeat tracks from bitte please and Small Town Glow. Both are broadly downtempo but are a touch away from the norm.

bitte please offers the first track from a forthcoming beat tape. But I’m Not From Around Here isn’t really rap or hip hop it’s a warped chilled track with a time travellers phone in. It’s a free download and comes highly recommended for days where the humidity is high and doing anything smacks too much of over-exertion.

Small Town Glow says “Oh no, let’s go.” On Cool Happens everything’s that bit out of sync, a bit backwards sounds. Very much a warped 90s indie dance sound, with shuffling beats, giving a properly fantastic groove along track.

From the album Not Jazz

~ by acidted on May 31, 2017.

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