Joey Pecoraro – Naps

I’ve always been very partial to Glenn Miller and that big band sound of the 30s/40s, alongside people like the Inskspots. There’s something terribly soothing about the music but there’s more than enough going on to keep the ear entertained. And it has a slightly mischievous quality in the way that it has a salaciously romantic air. That soothing but mischievous quality is also present on Joey Pecorano’s Naps.

The tune is, appropriately enough, full of yawns and cuckoo clocks. It has tinkles and lazy parping big band trumpets. And an almost musical box quality. But it knows it’s cleverer than that. This is an intricate production of superficially artless care. It manages to be soothing while giving you a cheek wink. Utterly delightful.

And have Glenn’s At Last which has a number of musical similarities.

~ by acidted on July 3, 2017.

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  1. […] months after his last one, Joey Pecoraro returns with another slice of electronic downtempo whimsy. Here We Are Again kicks […]

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