Wonky Wednesday with Screamershock, Risking Conversationa and Mr Stee

Wednesday with wonky electronics from Screamershock, Risking Conversations and Mr Stee. Three types of downtempo oddness.

Starting with Screamershock and Are You Still Watching? This is the title track of the forthcoming album. An acid synthpop affair. The bones of Cerrone and other 70s synth artists mixed with the blood of early 90s electronica. Such dark magic produces a disorientating swirl of seductive sounds.

Risking Conversations delivers The Comfort of Not Knowing. The Manic Street Preachers sang that knowledge is power and that’s often true. But equally, you can know too much. In an information overload age knowledge can become a source of inertia or the heightened risk of misinformation. All of which is as chilling as this downtempo spectral track, full of dark echoes and minor buzzing keys.

Finally, Mr Stee delivers a wobbly, wonky masterpiece in beachday. This is made from assorted field recordings. Now, I don’t know about you but wobbly wonkiness is not my usual beach associations, unless it’s my stomach. This burbles its way along with assorted bloops and blips, like a collection of droids navigating the dunes of Tatooine.

~ by acidted on July 12, 2017.

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