Day present and days past. The return of Orbital and the future of bl1p

Finally, a new tune from the reformed Orbital. And if that’s too backwards looking a new tune from bl1p.

I think this is the first new tune released by Orbital since their reformation after a break of some 4 years. Copenhagen is very… Orbital. A chopped vocal that harks back to days gone by, not least Halcyon. The tune has peaks and half-stops. Again, all very Orbital. Built for a live show this will be great in an arena or club. In the sanctity of my kitchen, it’s just too Orbital by numbers.

Orbital perform their only UK indoor shows of 2017 at O2 Apollo Manchester on Dec 1st & Eventim Apollo London on Dec 2nd. Tickets on sale now:

Dec 1st, O2 Apollo, Manchester: &
Dec 2nd, Eventim Apollo, London: &

bl1p provides the new, new tune with Vibes My Dood which is a throwback title. But there’s something very Orbital about this track. The keyboard rave stabs are very reminiscent of some of Orbital’s early moments. It’s by no means stuck in the past, with its combinations of rave stabs and bass buzz very much looking to the future.

~ by acidted on July 23, 2017.

2 Responses to “Day present and days past. The return of Orbital and the future of bl1p”

  1. I know what you mean about the Orbital track. Its effective but very much by numbers.

    • Agreed – that was exactly what I thought when I first heard it before reading your review. They’ve done some amazing stuff, hopefully the new album will have some fresh stuff as well as the reprises of what they do so well.

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