Monday’s mood is ambient drone with Polarforsker and Adam Hinden

A couple of ambient drone pieces that head off in quite different directions. Polarforsker goes for the crush of cold snow and Adam Hinden something altogether more spacious and dreamy on Moondial.

Polarforsker (trans. Polar Explorer) is from Denmark and on Leder (tr. Leader) channels something that is organic and yet has a sense of crispness and angularity. The crush of snow. The shards of ice. There are glitches and cracks, all within something that’s so quiet it’s almost not there. Everything is held within.

Adam Hinden goes in the opposite direction. This one wears it’s heart on its sleeve. Moondial wants to be loved and for you to love it. Optimistic chords tumble over each other, rippling, tripping ever onwards in a rush of emotional connection.

Youtube :


~ by acidted on August 7, 2017.

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