Three Be Strong and Meditate

Three Be Strong and Meditate are the titles of the three tracks on offer today but also perhaps the composite message from Ven, Robert Mooney and Myrial. All three are inward-looking, somewhat ambient tracks.

Let’s start with Ven. I said ambient but this is the least so of the three. Meditate is a downtempo rap track that wants you to look inward. There’s far less hip hop than you might expect. It’s built in a more smokey jazz fashion around some lazy bass, a bit of guitar and surface noise. Definitely one for contemplation. Ven takes the messages here very seriously, saying “It dawned on me that meditation is a way of tuning into a greater presence. And after that the understanding came even more deeply.

Next, Canada’s Robert Mooney goes from inner space to outer space on the beautiful Three. A cliché perhaps but this ambient tune is all about the spaces he leaves between the notes that give time to savour the beauty of nature and the wonder of our insignificance. A beatless beauty of a track, full of reverb and held notes, with just an edge of distortion.

Finally, Myrial from France provides Be Strong. This is ambient as a hallucinogenic trip. This is full of earthly IDM clatter and stress in conflict and contrast to ethereal ambient voices. Perhaps these are the voices that are always inside the urban head. They’re certainly in mine.

Myrial says “I encourage you to download the song in order to listen in better quality, ‘buy’ button means free download


~ by acidted on October 6, 2017.

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