La Payara – Pez Psicodélico #cumbia #psychedelic #electronic #experimental

Let’s take a little electronic trip this Monday afternoon with La Payara.

La Payara is Colombian producer Claudio Tantimonaco. Apparently, he’s influenced by Dengue Dengue Degue, Nicola Cruz and El Remolon (whoever they are). The track is Pez Psicodélico (tr. psychedelic fish), taken from the Conciencia EP. There’s a wonderful mix of folky guitars, cumbia vocals and electronic trippy psychedelia. This is a lovely downtempo sound suitable for smokey outdoor fires. Wonderful tune in which to lose yourself.


La Payara is a new project by Colombian producer Claudio Tantimonaco. Heavily influenced by artists that mesh traditional sounds with electronic beats (like Dengue Dengue Dengue, Nicola Cruz and El Remolon), La Payara fuse folklorica, with psychedelia and cumbia.

Having seen Claudio play, Li (the lead singer Bomba Estéreo), immediately invited him to play at Bomba Estereo’s festival (Esteréo Beach) on the Caribbean coast. Since then La Payara have gone from strength to strength playing the club circuit in Colombia, Corona Sunset events and recently supported Bomba Estéreo.

~ by acidted on November 13, 2017.

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