Shpongle – I Woke Up As A Shlummutz #ambient #hippy #psychedelic

Four years since we had some Shpongle. They’re back with I Woke Up As A Shlummutz. The imagery is still teeth-grindingly hippyish but the tunes are lovely ambient psychedelic dub. Yes, it’s all a bit Goa in places but when they hit their stride they are very good indeed. This one is a lovely bit of dubby electronics; all wide eyed and naieve.

But what is a ‘Shlummutz’? Not sure really. On Shpongle’s Reddit, Unfo_ offers the illuminating:

Okay I was tripping when I heard this song the first time and this theory immediately came to mind:

I feel like a Shlummutz is an alien being of some sort that doesn’t exactly belong. I feel like the Shlummutz is represented by the cello(or violin, whatever that stringed instrunment is) on the song. If you notice when it first comes in(wakes up) it’s fucking awkward. It’s an instrument that certainly doesn’t seem to belong. However as the song continues the cello starts to merge with the electronic music very well. I think this is the Shlummutz getting used to its new body and environment.

Oh how I love LSD. 

Which says it all really…

Track taken from the album Code IV

~ by acidted on November 28, 2017.

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