Abstrakted presents Systems : Chapter Two #electronic #ambient #idm

A couple of years ago, Slighter produced as Abstrakted his Chapter One. Here’s the just released Chapter Two. With track titles such as Airglow and Exosphere, the emphasis is on the other worldly. More properly out of this world. It’s ambient but whooshing off into space.

Airglow is the opener. A tune of endless widening spirals, in a twinkly synth setting. A stellar delight. Magnetic Midnight is the sound of the Northern Lights. A reflective, spectral astral experience. No wonder Slighter says “These jams were somewhat mediative for me.

Exosphere crackles with radio waves and asteroid menace. Auroral Particles goes ever more drone and blurred by ice fragments. Final track is The Kármán line. This line lies at an altitude of 100 km above Earth’s sea level and commonly represents the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Along with opener Airglow, it’s the pick of the tracks. An inset leg rubbing IDM thrum alongside space synth sonics. A confusion and fusion of elements. A wonderous electronic meeting point.

The Kármán line

Whole EP:

Blurb: Abstrakted returns with another EP packed full of sonic treats. A worthy follow on from Systems : Chapter One; Chapter Two lifts off with 5 synth filled soundscapes. The voyage starts with the chilled synths of “Airglow” and concludes with a trip along the “Kármán Line”. Enjoy your journey into the far corners of the Earth’s atmosphere and beyond…

~ by acidted on March 4, 2018.

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