E.O.L.B. – Endoflevelbaddie #bass #electronic #darkness

Endoflevelbaddie has appeared here a few times over the past few years but always as a remixer for Mono Life. So it was a bit of a surprise to find that he’s released a debut album E.O.L.B. This is full of dark eletronics, breaks, raves sirens and hip hop sensibilities. Like the baddie at the end of the level this is a head rush of anihilation. A bit like the Rathar in the picture above.

That hip hop influence is there from the off on intro Bad Ones. But on Hospital Break there’s more of the rave sirens and overwhelming UK bass. Watch your bass bins.

Endoflevelbaddie – Hospital Break

Baddie Theme #2 has a more cyber techno appeal with hyper beats and speakandspell vocals. 20 Rounds slows things down in a treacly hip hop way. How I Get Down uses bass where the rhythm would be in most tracks and then chops things further with an almost glitched vocal element. Music for the Bat car. Honey ft Player One is a hip hop party track but bassed to the max.

On & On & On has that electronics and guitar combo that Orbital used on Satan. But EOLB offers a stronger hip hop feeling to it all. A Wonderful Feeling is the nearest the album has to a love song. It has a bit of flute and female vocal to lighten the otherwise overwhelming male darkness. An album highlight. String Thing also adopts some of that change of mood in a lighter synth driven piece. The album closes with The Bells. A chiming lament and really rather lovely.

The album’s a very mixed offering with some properly powerful and punishing tracks in the first half but with a couple of lighter tracks towards the end that offered a welcome glimpse of sunlight.

~ by acidted on April 16, 2018.

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