daydream ep by sub sequence #idm #electronic #ambient

Germany’s a largely foreign land to me. My wife has connections to North Germany and has explained the Northern German Hanseatic culture (and its love of smoked eel and pork products). She’s also explained that Northern Germans mock Southern Germans, especially Bavarians as bumpkins who speak German with a stange accent. It may also be due to Protestantism not being a strong in the South as the North. All of this is from looking up Erlangen, which is a small town in Bavaria. But it’s also the home of long-time producer and DJ sub sequence. And we’re here to listen to his classical ambient release daydream ep.

The ep opens with moles daydream. I shall ignore the lack of an apostrophe and focus on the tune which is a gentle beatless ambient confection. Starts off electronic before bits of guitar come floating by. A really wonderfully dreamy piece. world of mirrors offers temple bells and chimes and retains that lost in a dream mood. But that mood doesn’t last as anxious electronics drone in. The final track is distant light. The most strongly IDM of all three, this has less soft moods and more harder edge. an altogether more worried electronic sound. Available for EUR4.

And while you’re at it, have a listen to skimming through. An older track, this shows more of that awkward IDM approach in an electronic crunching dystopian disturbance.

~ by acidted on April 22, 2018.

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  1. […] return for Germany’s sub sequence. Last time we had his daydream ep which was all soft ambient […]

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