Anders Ilar & John H – Coming for your Tongue EP #techno #electronic

Proper quality techno from Anders Ilar and John H, who are from Sweden (like that was a surprise). But in contrast to the softer sounds that I associate with Sweden, this is firmly in metallic acid techno territory. They’re Coming for Your Tongue could be Germanic so focused is it on acid and machine noise. A perfect stormer of a track. Sleight Of Hand is no less machine tooled but offers less metal bashing. Has a bit of the early Orbital’s about it. Axiomatic verges on the ambient with its slow build up and pace. Corrosion finishes the quartet by amping up the acid. This EP is a fabulously sustained slice of techno. Go buy on vinyl.

Blurb: Coming For Your Tongue EP is Anders and John’s 4th collab release, after acclaimed releases on Flight Recorder and New York Haunted, recorded during a jam session at John’s studio in Bergsjön outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, using a small setup of analogue synths and drum machines such as the Roland TR-606, TR-808, a Devil Fish modified TB-303, Minimoog Voyager and the Arturia Microbrute. After recording Anders spiced things up by cutting and puzzling loops as well as adding extra effects and drums.

~ by acidted on May 19, 2018.

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